Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Vanagon Goes to Nascar

The Vanagon made the yearly trip in May and what better way to spend it than heading 7.6 miles away to RIR Speedway which was hosting the Nascar Nextel Cup Race.

The ride couldn't have been smoother. The van seemed to glide through traffic like a watermelon lathered in KY. We arrived to find that middle America had saved us a fantastic spot to camp out for the weekend. Throughout that weekend the Vanagon acted as a mode of transportation, lodging, and place of businesss.

Eric "the mechanic" Snipes and Scott recently bought a few thousand boxes of cookies at an unclaimed freight auction. Once everyone had eaten a few hundred boxes a piece we started to use them as fuel for campfires. We brought the remaining boxes of cookies to burn throughout the weekend however found that the three budding businessmen were able to fleece the product for a sizable profit.

I think they made a few hundred dollars and somehow managed to swap out a few of our Nascar tickets for less desirable seats while we were under the influence of all things awesome. Well done you little entrepreneurs. Stay tuned the Vanagon is "headed" to the OBX in late July. This could make the history books.

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Chris Newcomb said...

Holy shit it works. Can I borrow this thing to drive to California in October? I swear I'll bring it back in good to quite good condition.