Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hazaa bitches. Once again the doubters abounded like a plague of locusts on the Holy Land. “You guys are effing crazy”, “wait, what you mean it is going to leave the state and possibly drive over four hours to a sweet and beachy destination?” , “that is the most beautiful piece of machinery ever forged by human hand or was it created by the Gods on Mt. Olympus and escaped one night while Zeus and the others plotted against the human race only to end up finding solace in Jarreds back yard for extended periods of time with brief interludes of glorious adventure” So yes all of these comments flooded our ears, inboxes and mail boxes (by the way keep all of the awesome packages and fan mail coming)So on July 24 after the Van had been stuffed like a Turkey on thanksgiving but replace the stuffing with, tents, chairs, sponges (cool new way to say boogie board), fishing rods, trash grill and coolers full of life giving goodness, Scott and Jrod buckled in to begin the journey…and then realized the keys were locked in the house. But! After we found the keys the adventure began. The trip couldn’t have been smoother beyond the lack of a horn, windshield wipers, a gas cap that falls off if you hit a bump, lack of heat gauge, and a broken odometer, which are all of these are minor infractions that refused to interfere with our mission.

One story to note... on the way to the Oregon Inlet campground in the Outer Banks beautiful women flashed us their brazziers and awesome dudes on motorcycles wanted us to join their outlaw biker gangs. On account of all this distraction we stopped short at a red light and sent coolers full of frosty brews exploding throughout the van. Beyond that all was awesome.
Ben your presence was sorely missed the next one is your call. Great weekend with special friends, magical times, hardcore bum cooking beach fires, good laughs and great times.

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